Achieving our vision

Our vision is for a country free from homelessness and rough sleeping.  We are campaigning to end rough sleeping by the 2012 Olympics.  Our merger with Resource Information Service (RIS) in April 2009 helps us along the way to making our vision a reality.   

Our work over the next few years will focus on the following areas:

becoming the Knowledge Centre for the homelessness sector

  • We will be the trusted first point of contact for reliable information on the homelessness and related sectors
  • We will facilitate the sharing of knowledge between our members, government and other stakeholders to end homelessness forever
  • We will provide information services that help end people’s homelessness or social exclusion


  • We will continue to draw on the evidence base of our members to influence government at all levels
  • We will lead policy change by becoming the most trusted source of knowledge on homelessness
  • We will focus the voice of our sector and lead campaigns with members to influence future strategy and drive resources that help to end homelessness.

service development

  • We are committed to raising standards in the services that support people who are or who are at risk of becoming homeless
  • We have brought together our Innovation and Good Practice and Regional teams to focus on the needs of our sector
  • Our new Service Development team will work across our organisation to help agencies navigate the challenging economic and political context ahead. 

Creating a new social enterprise division

  • Our exciting new department will produce high quality information systems (websites, databases and online tools) and information products (content for websites, directories and databases) that will help agencies to work more effectively with their clients.