Meaningful Activities

Participation in activities can offer many benefits to people recovering from homelessness. Activities can add structure to people's days, helping them to develop confidence, self-esteem and social skills, as well as skills that may increase their employability and readiness for work.  Activities can be key in reducing feelings of boredom and loneliness, and can act as a catalyst, motivating people to make positive changes. Perhaps most importantly, activities can greatly improve well-being and quality of life for individuals who may have experienced extremely traumatic events or be facing a great deal of stress. Whether benefiting from physical activity on the sports pitch, or therapeutic activity in the art room, activities should not be underestimated in their positive impact on the lives of vulnerable people.


Activities Planning Pathway

We have developed a five-step Planning Pathway to support staff looking to start, develop, improve and perfect their activities programme. In every phase of this pathway it is vital that clients be engaged and motivated to lead and take part.

The five areas are outlined in the sections below: Consulting, Scoping, Resourcing, Launching and Reviewing. We also cover some of the Key Principles that lead to successful activities projects and some case studies to inspire and inform your delivery. Homeless Link ran two webinars which give further training and information on using the Planning Activities Pathway in your service.

Whether you are just beginning or have run activities for many years, there are some key principles that will help ensure they are a success.
Hear about individuals and projects who have benefited from activities and how they were inspired.
Consultation ensures that your activities are appropriate and is a great way to motivate participation.
Scoping ensures that once you have an idea of what you hope to achieve you determine how it will work.
Once you have an idea of what will be needed to run your activity your attention will turn too getting things in place to deliver.
Timing and promotion are key to successful activities. It's important to make sure everyone knows when and where it will begin and how they can be involved.
It is important to review and evaluate any activities that you deliver and ensure feedback is meaningful and used for the benefit of participants.
Get creative: Arts for all is a project working throughout England to increase opportunities for homeless people to access the arts.
22 January 2013 | ONLINE
Using Homeless Link's planning pathway to create activities for your clients, from strategy to delivery.
29 January 2013 | ONLINE
Using Homeless Link's planning pathway to create activities for your clients, from strategy to delivery.