In good health?

8 out of 10 homeless clients have one or more physical health needs. 7 out of 10 clients have one or more mental health needs. Combine this with a decrease in the availability of all health related services and something needs to be done.

Seminars: addressing ways to improve the health and well being of homeless people

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The health of people who are homeless is among the poorest in our communities. Being homeless means you are more likely to suffer from mental and physical ill health, and at the same time be unable to access the health services you need. These seminars will address different ways that you are able to help improve the health and well being of homeless people.

1. How to ensure the health needs of vulnerable adults are still met under the new health system.

  • Overview of the new health system as it currently stands.
  • A look at what the threats are to the health of homeless people under the new health system.
  • Understand who the key local stakeholders now are that you need to influence, to ensure the health needs of your clients are met locally.
  • Insight into how you can best engage with the new structures and new stakeholders, and what they would value as a contribution from our sector in terms of influencing health strategies.
  • More information on our work around health and homelessness:

2. Working together locally to address multiple exclusion, improve outcomes and deliver better value for money.

  • Understand how to improve outcomes for individuals with multiple needs.
  • Look at how workers from different sectors respond and work with individuals with multiple needs.
  • Discuss how to build partnerships and improve inter-agency working to improve service provision for people facing multiple needs and deliver better value for money.
  • Look at how a multi agency approach can reduce multiple exclusion.

3.Understand how to set up a sports project in your local area in preparation for the Homeless Games in 2012.

  • Understanding of how to set up a sports project
  • A look at how to identify what resources there are locally to compliment your sports provision
  • Insight in to how a homelessness service can link in with local sport clubs

With the Homeless Games to become a national event in 2012, this is your chance to set up a sports project for your clients and get involved with the games...  for more information please contact:

4: How to support street drinkers to make and maintain positive changes to their lives.

Street drinking is harmful to individuals and communities and should be an area of action. Those who drink heavily in groups on the street are often some of the hardest to engage.

  • Find out how street drinkers across three cities experience services and how many have changed their lives.
  • Explore and understand factors which bring about positive change for persistent street drinkers based on first hand feedback from current and former street drinkers.
  • Consider the barriers that street drinkers face in achieving positive change.
  • Discuss how agencies and Local Authorities can respond to the needs of this group at the current time.
  • Explore what an effective service pathway to support people out of street drinking looks like.
  • Understand more about how we can work together to reduce the terrible consequences of this lifestyle for street drinkers and the anti-social behaviour, crime and expense associated with street drinking.