increasing opportunities for homeless people to access the arts

Get creative: arts for all is a project working throughout England to increase opportunities for homeless people to access the arts. This may be through participation in creative activitities within their homelessness hostel or day centre, or through engaging in arts /cultural activities and events in their local community. Get Creative has a strong focus on building bridges between homelessness and arts sectors, helping to develop partnerships that can result in inspiring and sustainable creative projects. 

why arts?

Engagement in creative activity can present many benefits to people recovering from homelessness. It can increase people's confidence, self-esteem and social skills, as well as provide opportunities for future education, training and employment. The arts can provide inspiration and motivation for change, as well as provide a positive channel for self-expression - particularly valuable for people who may struggle with more conventional forms of communication.

As homelessness services face increasing pressures on their time and resources it is vital that the benefits of creative activity are not be overlooked. There is a risk that arts will start to be seen as a luxury rather than an essential aspect of any service aiming to help people recover from homelessness.  Get Creative will support organisations to continue to deliver their activities, focussing on innovative solutions to the barriers and problems they may face.  

The following documents provide some further information on the value of arts within homelessness and the different approaches that can be used:

Why Arts? The rationalle behind creative activity

An introduction to developing creative projects

Please see our TOOLS AND RESOURCES pages for more information.


support for organisations and artists

We aim to build the capacity of homelessness agencies to run arts activities for their clients. We can provide structured support around all aspects of activity delivery as well as support homelessness agencies to build strong and lasting partnerships with local artists and arts organisations. Please contact us if you are a homelessness agency who would like this support. 

We will support artists and arts organisations to increase their understanding of homelessness and engage positively with homeless people in their local community. Please contact us if you are an artist or arts organisation who would like this support. 

    We also want to share good practice and help agencies to network, so please contact us if you have examples of innovative work you'd like to share with others.



We have teamed up with award-winning charity Streetwise Opera, who will deliver free workshops on the successful delivery of arts activities within the homelessness sector.

We held our last workshop in Preston on Thursday 7th March. If you would be interested in us holding our next workshop in your area, do let us know.


If you would like to find out more or would like to get involved in the Get Creative project please contact

Get Creative: arts for all has been funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England