Our board

Homeless Link is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. The Board are the trustees and directors of the company.


The Board is responsible for the overall governance of Homeless Link, including its policy, strategy, direction and forward planning. It is also responsible for overseeing the Chief Executive who, in turn, is responsible for the day-to-day running of the organisation and the management of staff. The Board is also responsible for:

  • The financial and staffing arrangements of Homeless Link. They agree the budget, approve the annual accounts and scrutinise the organisation’s management accounts
  • Employing the staff of Homeless Link in accordance with all relevant legislation
  • Setting the processes by which the organisation will operate, and agreeing the priorities for action
  • Supporting and advising the Chief Executive and other senior staff


Ann SkinnerAnn is the Founding Director of Resolving Chaos, one of the first wave of 12 Cabinet Office Pathfinder mutuals spinning off from the Public Sector. As a new social enterprise by October 2011, Resolving Chaos will form a new integrated commissioning vehicle to co-ordinate services aimed at the hardest to help people with multiple needs.

Ann has considerable work experience in a wide range of settings - in the voluntary sector, the private sector and in local and regional government. She is particularly passionate about partnership working and the development of more integrated services for the most socially excluded people in society. Her experience includes working within the homelessness sector as well as several years working on the joint commissioning of mental health and housing services. In Janusray 2001, Ann became Lead Officer for Supporting People in Lambeth and as Head of Service she developed a well-respected Supporting People Commisssioning Team. This was followed by taking the Corporate Lead for Partnerships Commissioning with Lambeth's Local Strategic Partnership. In August 2008, Ann took up a Regional role in the Social Care and Partnerships Team, Department of Health (London region) as Socially Excluded Adults Programme Development Lead. This work lead to the successful development of the Reducing Multiple Disadvantage Partnership in London and subsequent opportunity to become Founding Director of Resolving Chaos, sponsored by the Department of Health.


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