Passion, skills and creativity: pathways to wellbeing

Good health isn't just about treatment – it’s about wellbeing.

One-day conference | 25 September | Birmingham

Supporting homeless people to improve their wellbeing through sports, arts and outdoor activities.

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About the event

Looking after our wellbeing isn’t always easy, especially when we’re dealing with difficult personal issues. For someone experiencing homelessness, this can be a massive challenge that often isn’t seen as a priority.

But the path to independence can be less difficult when a person is helped to feel more positive about who they are and the future they’re able to achieve.

There are practical steps you can take to help improve the wellbeing of the people you support.
Sports, arts and outdoor activities are often seen as just an outlet from the grind of daily life – but they’re also of immense therapeutic value. They can help people improve their outlook on life, the way they see themselves in relation to others, not to mention building the resilience they need to deal with their problems.


Well managed and inclusive group activities can offer a real sense of belonging and equality. They can help build a person’s confidence, reducing feelings of depression and anxiety. They can help a person sleep well, and feel calmer and more positive. They can help rebuild social skills, form new relationships and boost self-esteem. They can support the development of transferable skills that can be used in the workplace. They can help a person feel that they’re moving on with their life – that they have a purpose.

They can give you an invaluable way of engaging with the people you support. The benefits are tangible, measurable and they can become a core part of individual support plans.

This event gave attendees the tools to plan and run a range of sustainable, inclusive activities to help their clients improve their wellbeing.

This conference explored:

  • What we mean by wellbeing - and why it is important
  • How you can helphomeless people to improve their wellbeing
  • The role that sport, arts and outdoor activities can play in helping your clients improve their wellbeing

The workshops explored:

  • Motivational keyworking: how encouraging participation effectively can help your clients engage and build independence
  • Measuring impact: how to evidence the value and impact of your activity
  • Setting up activities that meet what your clients want and need
  • Diversifying funding: how to find new income streams to fund your activities
  • Building partnerships: exploring how local partnerships can support your project
  • How to help your clients improve their wellbeing through outdoor activities
  • Improving employment opportunities by building transferable skills through engagement in sports and arts
  • Using drama to promote a positive self-image
  • Emotional responses to participating in sport
  • Adopting a strategic approach to delivering activities across your service


Located in the city centre of Birmingham, just a short walk from all of the city's train and bus stations.

The Priory Rooms
Quaker Meeting House
40 Bull Street
B4 6AF

T: 0121 236 2317

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