Hospital Admissions and Discharge

Every patient should be discharged to appropriate accommodation with the right support in place for their ongoing care. It is vital that housing authorities, hospital trusts and Primary Care Trusts are aware of the strong link between preventing homelessness and a planned hospital discharge.

Useful reports and resources for agencies involved at different stages of a homeless person's admission and discharge from hospital.

In addition supporting factsheets have been produced to provide more information and guidance on  a number of areas. These were updated in September 2010


In 2009 Homeless Link helped to produce a set of case studies which explore ways in which housing authorities and hospital trusts are addressing the issue of discharge of homeless people. We hope the learning from these will encourage areas that do not have effective policies and practice in place to address this issue.

Winner of Nursing Times Award 2010

A project in the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital Trust based in Accident and Emergency working with homeless people has won the Nursing times award 2010. The project involves four trust leads for adult and child safeguarding, homelessness, and substance misuse having  jointly to set up a dedicated 24-hour a day, 365 days a year service for this client group. You can read more about it in the Nursing Times Award best practice report.

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