Our National Advisory Council (NAC)

The National Advisory Council (NAC) is the forum set up to give senior individuals working for member agencies a role in informing the policy and practice work of Homeless Link.

Our NAC consists of two regional representatives from each English region, as well as National and Service User representatives. Go to our NAC members page to find out who your regional representative is and how to contact them.

Objectives of the National Advisory Council

The purpose of the NAC is to:

  • give strategic advice to the Board, primarily through the Senior Management Team and Head of Policy Analysis, on the development and impact of government policy on the ground
  • try to give a regional perspective and examples of the impact of policy and issues on agencies and service users, rather than an organisational perspective
  • shape the national voice of Homeless Link’s responses to policy issues to ensure homeless people can access good quality services
  • comment on drafts of policy briefings, attend meetings to represent Homeless Link when requested and provide case studies/information on regional concerns
  • promote Homeless Link, its services and its role to members, potential members and partners across their region.

If you would like to find out more, please contact  Helen Mathie Head of Policy.