Day Centres Project

Day centres can play a crucial role in ending homelessness by tackling rough sleeping, supporting move on, preventing tenancy breakdown, and promoting employment, education and social networks.

Photograph: The Whitechapel Centre, Liverpool

If you run or work for a day centre, you are probably working with people who face the most difficult journey from the street to independent living. Perhaps you have developed flexible, innovative ways of working, including outreach and specialist services, and work with a large proportion of service users with high support needs. You are also likely supporting socially excluded people to sustain their tenancies and break the cycle of repeat homelessness.

This project is designed to help promote and improve your work, to support you to network, and to share good practice approaches. With funding from John Lang Charitable Trust and the Tudor Trust we are:

  • building our existing network of 200 day centres by supporting agencies in 11 areas to work more closely together
  • providing guidance and support to day centres to improve practice
  • sharing learning with day centres and other agencies
  • encouraging other agencies to recognise the value of day centres and to work with them to help end homelessness.

Stay in touch

For more information, if you would like support for your day centre, or if you have any other day-centre related enquiries, please get in touch with Vicky Album, our Innovation and Good Practice Manager.

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Vicky Album

Vicky Album

Innovation and good practice project manager

Vicky is an innovation and good practice project manager, leading our National Day Centres Project. She also manages Reboot UK, developing digital inclusion practices within homelessness agencies.

Telephone: 020 7840 4423
Twitter: @HLDayCentres