Reboot UK: increasing digital inclusion

How can we support digital skills among people using homelessness services?

Digital skills are a key part of social inclusion. Being able to connect with friends and family, find information about services, pursue hobbies and interests, and use services like banking and job search all have significant benefits, practically and emotionally.

Reboot UK started in 2016 as a 'test and learn' project. Led by Good Things Foundation and delivered through three consortium partners, it explored peer mentoring and a range of digital skills interventions to get people online. The focus is on groups that are at high risk of exclusion, whether through homelessness (Homeless Link), because of their mental health (Mind) or as a result of caring for disabled children (Family Fund). You can read the year one evaluation report from Good Things Foundation here.

These resources were created by our partners Cathedral Archer Project in Sheffield and Evolve Housing + Support in London, to help other services adopt the Reboot model as part of their work and learning activities.

The second phase of Reboot UK started in 2017. Homeless Link is currently working with Changing Lives, Wintercomfort for the Homeless, Cathedral Archer Project and Evolve Housing + Support to extend our learning on effective digital support. Look out for blogs and new resources in the coming months.

Reboot UK: resources for digital skills

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Resources to support homelessness services increase digital inclusion among the people they work with. Includes guidance on peer mentoring, sample lesson plans and case studies.


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Vicky Album

Vicky Album

Innovation and good practice project manager

Vicky is an innovation and good practice project manager, leading our National Day Centres Project. She also manages Reboot UK, developing digital inclusion practices within homelessness agencies.

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