Homeless Link's Regional Team

Our regional managers are based across England. They are the local contacts for our member agencies and they take steps to help end homelessness by:

  • work with services across the region to raise standards and improve outcomes for people who are homeless, for example by supporting services to apply for grants from the Homelessness Transition Fund
  • support local authorities to develop preventative responses to rough sleeping and homelessness
  • influence the development of policy, strategy and investment in services at all levels of government
  • promote a range of information and guidance to the homelessness sector and, in particular, promote the need for additional cold weather provision and the annual Counts and Estimates of rough sleepers

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We also work with organisations in Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland who have a similar role to us. We have contacts with organisations across the world who share our vision of ending homelessness.

Find out more about our work in the rest of the UK and Europe.