Homeless Link is in a unique position to influence local, regional and national government on policies that affect homeless people. Our authority is based on genuine knowledge of what is happening on the ground among our members and other organisations. We take what we have learned about what’s working and what isn’t, and use our strong links in government to bring about change. 

Details of our current and past research projects are below. Information about our publications and all the latest research on homelessness published by other organisations and government can be found on Homeless Pages


We are now working on our 2014 annual Young & Homeless and SNAP reports.

We're continuing our research and analysis into welfare reform, following our sanctions report this Autumn.  We are now exploring Local Welfare Assistance schemes and how accessible they are for people who are moving on from homelessness. 


Personally Speaking - a review of personalised services for rough sleepers.  Our December 2013 research for Broadway looks at five approaches to supporting long-term rough sleepers around England. Our guidance for services is also available. 

A High Cost to Pay - In September 2013 we published our analysis of the impact of benefit sanctions on homeless people and services.

Nowhere to Move - Our May 2013 report evidences the difficulties young people face in living on the Shared Accommodation Rate in London. 

Who is supporting people now? - We looked at the experiences of local authorities and service providers with recent changes to local authority commissioning.  We have also produced guidance for commissioners, which can be found on our Effective Action page. 

Critical Mass - Our interim report and ethics overview can be found on our Critical Mass pages.  We published the final research report in April 2013. 

Survey of Needs and Provision -  Homeless Link published the first Survey of Needs and Provision (SNAP) in 2008. The 2013 report provides an updated picture of the extent and nature of services for single homeless people and couples without dependent children in England, and the clients that use them. We are currently working on a revised survey and report for 2014. 

Youth homelessness - A survey of frontline homelessness agencies and local authority housing options teams to investigate the extent and nature of youth homelessness in England. The first report was published in December 2011. We are currently working on the 2013 Young & Homeless report. 

Projects and beds report - This series of reports uses data gathered for Homeless UK to track changes in the provision of homelessness services in England. The latest report shows data to June 2013.