The National Youth Reference Group presented a solutions focused, youth led conference that aimed to put young people at the forefront of service provision.               

One-day conference | 17 May 2012 | Birmingham

The rise in youth homelessness does not need to be an inevitable conclusion of the current economic climate. There are ways we can prevent it.


About the event

This unique event, run by young people from across the country, who have all experienced homelessness, improved a delegate's understanding of what services young people need. Guided by their expertise and direct experience, it enabled attendees to:

  • influence emerging policy
  • design and deliver local public services that meet local need.

Central to delivering effective, appropriate services, is developing a greater understanding of what works and what could be improved upon.  This is only possible by directly involving the users of those services, the young people themselves. This event shared their personal stories, their passion for change and their considered views on what works in relation to accessing and receiving support from housing, health, education, welfare and employment related services. This relevant insight can help shape future service provision.

The event brought together professionals from across the different sectors, who all have a stake in supporting a young person.

Without the right support and services in place, we are at risk of creating a new generation of young people with severe and complex needs in later life, putting them at risk of a life of homelessness.

You have the amazing opportunity to help prevent further youth homelessness and enable more young people to make a positive transition from childhood to adulthood. This event enabled attendees to hear directly from those who have been homeless and who know what works, so that we can get it right in the future.

based on personal experiences, the workshops explored:

  • the challenges that young homeless people face when accessing health care, education, employment and housing related services
  • the issues that are important to young homeless people
  • the support that young homeless people need from health, education, employment and housing professionals
  • what has helped other young homeless people so that we are able to help prevent further youth homelessness.

Conference fees & booking

Workers                                              £155

There were also a limited number of complimentary places available for clients.


Located in the city centre of Birmingham, just a short walk from all of the city's train and bus stations, and with parking available on site.

Conference Aston
Aston Business School
Aston University
Aston Triangle
B4 7ET

T: 0121 204 4300

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Drawing on first hand experience of what works, this event shared solutions to what works in relation to accessing and receiving support from housing, health, education and employment related services.