The right support at the right time can prevent homelessness; it can sustain people once they have moved on, but most vitally it helps people who are homeless to rebuild their lives and get back on their feet.

 Homeless people and families need support to:

  • stabilise their lives after a period of chaos and uncertainty
  • find settled accommodationService user keyworking session at Roundabout.  Photo from Robert Davidson
  • develop the skills they need to become more independent
  • build confidence
  • reconnect to family and make new friends
  • get ready to look for work, get into training or education
  • address any substance addictions
  • learn to moderate behaviour that causes problems for themselves of others

 Support is delivered through:

  • outreach and engagement services
  • emergency accommodation such as hostels and nightshelters
  • day centres
  • second stage supported accommodation
  • resettlement and floating support
  • other service focussing on education, training and employement or activiteis such as arts and sport

Homeless UK is the national source of information about services that can help homeless people. Homeless Pages gives details of publications and research on services for homeless people.