Are you welfare aware?

Welfare reform is bringing the biggest changes to benefits since the 1940s. What does welfare reform mean for you and your clients? What can you do about it?

Welfare reform is going to affect your service and the people you work with. Use these pages to help you understand and prepare. We'll keep you up to date with the latest developments in policy, as well as practical steps to help you get ready.

What will it take to ensure that your service and the people who depend on it are ready for the changes ahead?
We are working to ensure that homelessness is not forgotten by decision makers.
Practical steps to help you prepare your service and its people.
Help the people you work with understand how the changes affect them.
The government says the aim of sanctioning is to give people an incentive to go out and find a job. Can that ever work for someone experiencing homelessness?
11 September 2012 | ONLINE
Are you ready for the biggest changes to welfare benefits in 60 years? We look at how the welfare system is changing, and the likely impact on you and your clients.