The Autism and Homelessness Toolkit Webinar

This webinar is an opportunity to learn about good practice in working with people who are autistic and experiencing homelessness.

Date of broadcast: 24th September, 2019.

Research by Dr Alasdair Churchard has shown a higher prevalence of autism among people supported by rough sleeping and homelessness services than in the general population.

In response to these findings, a multi-agency group with Resources for Autism, Westminster City Council, St Mungo's, National Autistic Society and Homeless Link created a toolkit to help staff in homelessness services understand:

  • some of the signs that a person might be autistic
  • how autism might change the way that people engage with services and support
  • how staff can tailor their responses to better meet the needs of autistic people
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The Autism and Homelessness Toolkit - PowerPoint Slides