B&H Community of Practice for Coordinators, Team Leaders and Frontline Managers

Tuesday, 19 January 2021
Online 1pm - 3pm

We start the year with a new lockdown and a whole new set of challenges. We would like to use this session to connect with partners from across B&H, to gently explore how we might support each other during the coming months and think about what support both you and your teams might need to maintain your wellbeing. 

This session will focus on your wellbeing and the wellbeing of the people you manage. It will be a space to reflect on what is working in your service, to share ideas and techniques that have worked for you, and to consider collectively what new strategies we can put in place.  By drawing upon the skills and knowledge of the group, we hope to leave you feeling positive and better equipped for the coming months.

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Communities of Practice are designed to bring together people working in homelessness and related fields within local areas. The aim is to create a safe and informal space in which attendees can share knowledge and good practice, discuss local issues and explore how best to collaboratively overcome them.

We facilitate events using a Solution Focused Practice approach so that problems are acknowledged but not dwelt on; instead, we look at building on existing resources and skills to work towards a shared, preferred future – as well as expanding knowledge where required.

If you have any queries please contact Greg at greg.headley@homelesslink.org.uk or call 07956396193

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Greg Headley

Partnership Manager (London & South)

Greg works as Homeless Link's Partnership Manager in London and the South.