City and Hackney ….a Joint Single Homelessness Forum Launch Event

Tuesday, 26 October 2021
Online I 9.30am - 11.30am I Free

Join us for the launch event of the City and Hackney Single Homelessness Forum. This is open to anyone working or volunteering across the two London council's to end and prevent rough sleeping and other forms of homelessness. 

We would like to invite you to join us for the launch meeting of the City and Hackney Single Homelessness Forum:

Please register in advance HERE

This event will be held online via Zoom

The London Boroughs of Hackney and The City of London share a rich history, diverse populations and a vibrant and varied culture.

They are also home to many people currently experiencing homelessness including those sleeping on the streets, people who sofa surf, people in temporary, emergency and supported housing and those living in refuges and other forms of insecure housing.

COVID 19 has highlighted the level of need and proved (if we needed proof) that working together in partnership is the most effective way of creating better outcomes for some of our most vulnerable citizens. The Everyone In scheme demonstrated how when partners collaborate, we can maximise our impact and respond rapidly and with great effect.

However, rough sleeping and homelessness is not at an end and there are indications that the number of people arriving new to the streets has increased with many people still insecurely housed in the boroughs.

With the launch of this joint borough homelessness forum, we would like to consider:

  • How can we build upon our experiences from the last 18 months and facilitate lasting change?
  • What additional opportunities for partnership working can be developed and explored?
  • What tools, resources and opportunities do we have to nurture a more resilient, knowledgeable and connected community of people collaborating to end and prevent homelessness?
  • What are the current sector gaps, frustrations, and limitations?
  • How can we secure better outcomes for people with multiple and complex needs to prevent homelessness and exit homelessness permanently?
  • How we can embed the voice of lived experience in how both boroughs response to rough sleeping and homelessness

We have opted for a joint borough forum as this reflects the close working relationship between the two boroughs. Many aspects of healthcare are commissioned and managed across the borough via the CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) and PHE (Public Health England) as well as the two boroughs sharing a Safeguarding Adults Board.  As access to the right healthcare interventions is so critical for people experiencing homelessness this seems to be a sensible way to proceed.

For the first meetings of the forum, we will consider how best the participants can make use of the space. This may be for sharing local sector updates, sharing good practice examples, seeking support from peers in the sector, identifying potential sub/working groups, and forging new partnerships.

A key aim of the forum will be to support increased visibility of what each provider is doing, why they are doing it and how these fit into the bigger plan for ending and preventing homelessness in City of London and Hackney London Boroughs. We will also relate this to the Homelessness and Rough Sleeping strategies for both boroughs alongside the related strategies of the shared CCG and PHE.

There are many services, projects and groups currently active in the borough providing support, housing and care to people experiencing homelessness. For this forum to work we will welcome all services, projects, groups and providers who feel that this space may be useful for them to engage with. For partnership working to be truly effective we all need to be round the table.

We welcome staff and volunteers from:

  • Night shelters
  • Faith groups
  • Day centres
  • Supported, emergency and temporary housing – both commissioned and non-commissioned
  • Outreach teams
  • Grassroots groups
  • Hackney Borough Council and City of London

We will also actively encourage those from affiliated services who have contact with people experiencing homelessness such as:

  • Mental health services
  • Substance and alcohol support services
  • Domestic abuse support services
  • Migrant and refugee support services
  • Work and learning providers
  • The Police and Probation service
  • Health care providers
  • Debt support and advice services
  • Food banks and food support services
  • Community Safety Teams
  • Adult Social Care

For the purposes of this forum, we will focus on services and providers whose main aim is to support single people and couples without children. The focus will be on deepening the quality of our partnership response to people who have become homeless because of complex life experiences and consequently we will maintain a focus more on rough sleeping, sofa surfing and other forms of homelessness where there is no statutory duty upon the local authority to provide housing solutions.  However, this space is likely to be relevant to anyone supporting people experiencing any kind of homelessness within the two boroughs.

This forum will not be a space to discuss individual cases however it will provide you with the contacts for having these conversations elsewhere. Details of the agenda and proposed Terms of Reference will be shared nearer to the launch date with all of thos who have booked however if you have queries regarding this in advance please feel free to contact Greg at who is manageing the administration and will be chairing the forum.

This forum is supported by the London Borough of Hackney and City of London. During this start-up phase being independently chaired by Homeless Link with the intention that this will be transferred in due course to a local third sector partner.

Talk To Us

Greg Headley

Partnership Manager (London & South)

Greg works as Homeless Link's Partnership Manager in London and the South.