Communities of Practice

“One of the best network sessions I have ever been to... All our voices were heard”

“Communities of practice are groups of people who share a concern or passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly.” (Wenger-Trayner, 2015)

Homeless Link’s Communities of Practice are designed to bring together people working on the frontline of homelessness and related fields within local areas. The aim is to create a safe and informal space in which attendees can share knowledge and good practice, discuss local issues and work out how best to collaboratively overcome them.

The events are facilitated with a solution focused practice style, so that problems are acknowledged but not dwelt on; instead, we look at building on existing resources and skills to work towards a shared, preferred future – as well as expanding knowledge where required.

There is no outside agenda for these groups - topics are identified and chosen for further discussion by the group attendees. There are too few opportunities for frontline workers to network, take a step back from the day to day rush, and support one another. Communities of Practice are a useful way of filling this gap while also supporting development of local service delivery.

To see upcoming Communities of Practice, view our Events pages and sign up to the SkillsLink newsletter for regular updates.

While we can't provide a Community of Practice in every area, if you feel there is a particular need locally, or are interested in supporting one in your local area, please do get in touch with your Partnership Manager.


Feedback from attendees:

“These events are great for meeting new people and I always learn something from each session”

“Today has been so helpful through sharing experiences, practice and information, but also in trying to find solutions to the problems and filling the gaps”

 “Loved the opportunity to come today and I felt like it was useful and informative but also a relaxed space for sharing”

“One of the best network sessions I have ever been to - no hidden agenda or hidden messages to covertly deliver. All our voices were heard”