What 41 projects achieved in a year

Tuesday, 4 June 2013 - 4:13pm

In a review of the first year of projects funded by the Homelessness Transition Fund, we found that not only were 94% of the people they helped still in services or living independently, but that services had supported a fifth more people than expected.

It's a challenging time for any service working to tackle rough sleeping. The capacity of the homelessness sector is continuing to decline while the number of people experiencing homelessness is rising (SNAP 2013). Not only are you having to do more with less but funders want you to demonstrate the value and impact of every penny you spend.

We have recently reviewed the impact of some of the projects funded by the Homelessness Transition Fund. We found that the fund is having a significant impact and has enabled 41 projects to support 12,235 people over one year - 2,079 more than expected. Impressively, 94% of the people supported were still in services or living independently at the end of the first year. What these projects have shown is that it is possible to provide effective services for rough sleepers, despite fewer resources and a rising demand for help.

What works?

We've published a showcase of some of those projects, A Year of Transition, which demonstrates that homelessness services are prepared to rise to the challenge. The Homelessness Transition Fund was set up to finance effective support services to tackle rough sleeping. After a review of 41 funded projects we found a number of common success factors. The projects that are seeing the greatest results in reducing homelessness are all using a combination of skilled staff, providing personalised support, engaging in partnership work and maintaining contact with their clients.


A Year of Transition

A showcase of some of the first projects funded by the Homelessness Transition Fund and their impact towards ending rough sleeping.


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Samantha Rennie

Former Homelessness Transition Fund Director

Samantha is Director of the Homelessness Transition Fund, administered by Homeless Link and supported by the Department for Communities and Local Government.