Specified accommodation - from theory to practice

Monday, 19 May 2014 - 11:14am

Along with our colleagues at National Housing Federation, SITRA and Womens’ Aid, we recently ran a number of events to explore the introduction of the new category of housing known as Specified Accommodation.

For those not familiar as to why this was such an important development, Rick Henderson, our Chief Executive, blogged a couple of months ago when the legislation was introduced.

The joint events have all been standing room only and we have, sadly, had to turn a number of people away.

Obviously, we want the changes to be understood as widely as possible, so we have brought together a number of the resources which Homeless Link and SITRA produced together to help people make sense of them.


  • We ran a webinar on 8 April - Exempt Accommodation: Understanding the Changes. You can download a copy of the presentation below, along with a flowchart to show how the changes will work in practise, and a briefing document on the changes.

Analysis of changes to exempt accommodation

The Government has announced changes to the way payments are made to supported housing. This briefing explains the new regulations and what they mean for your services.  


Specified Accommodation presentation and flowchart