Designed by experience - the new manifesto to end homelessness

Wednesday, 14 January 2015 - 12:00am

We've published Let's make the difference, a new manifesto to end homelessness based on expert views from across the homelessness sector.

Last summer, we asked people experiencing homelessness and the services that support them what the next government could do to end homelessness.

The result is Let's make the difference: a manifesto to end homelessness. Published today and presented at our House of Lords reception this afternoon, it sets out five priority actions that will make the biggest difference for many thousands of people who become homeless in England.

The new manifesto in brief

In the manifesto we call on the next government to take action on five key areas: rough sleeping, employment, housing, support for people with the most complex needs, and long-term strategy. We set out practical steps that will enable homelessness services to innovate and support people who become homeless to thrive.

Here is a top level overview of the message we're sending to politicians today. Click here to download the full manifesto (PDF).

Download Let's make the difference: a manifesto to end homelessness

This manifesto, based on the views of people who have experienced homelessness in England and those who support them, sets out priority actions the new government can take to make the greatest difference to homelessness.


When someone feels safe they will thrive. Their connection with the community can grow.

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