We'd like to write about your work

Wednesday, 11 March 2015 - 12:00am

We're publishing a series of articles over the coming months to feature some of the best work in the sector. We need your help to write them.

Photograph: Jonathan Rubio H. (Flickr)

In our latest membership survey, you told us the five things that matter most to you are:

  • Prevention
  • Housing
  • Funding
  • Health
  • Welfare Reform

We know that a great deal of work is already been carried out on these issues in many services. We want to share what you have already learnt from that work with the wider homelessness community. We hope this series will develop into a regular showcase of ideas, views, practical approaches and success stories from across England.

So - what is your organisation doing on these issues that other services could learn from? How successful has it been? How are you planning to develop that work in the future? And, most importantly, is it something that could be replicated elsewhere?

We might invite you to blog for us. Alternatively, we have our best biro and notebook ready to get your story on paper. To share your ideas, please get in touch.