Webinar replay: understanding psychologically and trauma informed practice

Thursday, 11 February 2016 - 3:40pm

Catch up on last week's webinar on psychologically informed environments and trauma informed approaches for supporting people with complex personalities.

In discussion; understanding psychologically and trauma informed practice

Homeless Link's Innovation and Good Practice Project Manager Joanne Prestidge, discussed  psychologically and trauma informed practice with Claire Ritchie, Commissioner and Programme Lead for the Pan London Homeless Health Project.

They covered:

  • Why adopting a psychologically or trauma informed approach is useful in homelessness services
  • An introduction to PIE and the key principles
  • An introduction to TIC and the key principles
  • A discussion around the similarities and differences of the approaches
  • What we offer to help you design services and implement the approaches.

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Jo Prestidge

Innovation and good practice project manager

Jo is an innovation and good practice project manager, leading a range of projects and training including Housing First England and Trauma Informed Care.