Reboot 2017 - Call for digital skills partners

Monday, 9 January 2017 - 2:44pm

In 2016, Homeless Link’s members Evolve Housing + Support and Cathedral Archer Project delivered Reboot UK, a digital inclusion project led by Good Things Foundation. This month we’re recruiting two new delivery partners to join the next phase.

Reboot UK: Evolve Housing + Support

The benefits of digital skills are something that many of us take for granted. We bank and shop online, saving money and time in the process. We socialise online, growing networks of family and friends who are just a few clicks away. We have daily access to a wealth of education and information that keeps us informed and entertained. And yet in the homelessness sector we often struggle to communicate these benefits to the people we work with, and to find ways to share these essential skills in accessible ways. We can do better.

Reboot UK tested how we can support homelessness services to increase digital skills among their service users. Peer mentoring was really successful, both in support for people to develop basic online skills and also for the personal and career development of the mentors themselves. Sheffield day centre Cathedral Archer Project and Evolve Housing + Support accommodation services in London were able to engage people with a range of support needs and skills through 1-1 sessions, group work, self-guided study and in-reach from partners. Open Cinema programmes also helped to drive discussion and engagement with digital – see their brilliant film in partnership with Evolve below.

Reboot 2 continues our work with Good Things Foundation to develop and fund in-house digital skills training within specialist services that offer wider support. Homeless Link is recruiting a further two delivery partners to embed the Reboot UK approach, with a focus on peer mentoring, over an eight-month delivery period. Grants of up to £14,000 are available for each partner.

To apply, please carefully read the Reboot 2 Project Specification and Application Reference documents and prepare a brief project outline and budget, before submitting your application online.

The deadline for applications is 5pm on Friday 20 January and successful partners will be contacted by 1 February. The project will start with a mandatory training day on 15 February in Birmingham.

As well as this funded opportunity, Good Things Foundation will be publishing learning and practical resources from the Reboot pilot, so that any homelessness service can take a fresh look at how they help people to benefit from digital skills.

Learn more about the Reboot UK pilot in my previous blog here and from Good Things Foundation.

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