Your views matter: inquiry into the welfare safety net

Tuesday, 20 November 2018 - 1:15pm

The Work and Pensions Committee has launched an inquiry into the current state of the UK's welfare safety net. 


Last week, the Work and Pensions Committee announced they would  be conducting an inquiry into the current state of the UK’s welfare safety net. This has been prompted by the evidence of debt, hunger and homelessness it has heard across several recent inquiries they have undertaken. The inquiry will consider how effectively the welfare system works to protect against hardship and chronic deprivation.

Homeless Link believes that an effective welfare system needs to prevent homelessness, help individuals to get back on their feet, and avoid disadvantaging vulnerable people. However, our members often tell us that they the system does not achieve this. 

The Call for Evidence

Homeless Link will respond to the inquiry and is seeking the views of our members so that we can provide evidence about what is and isn’t working for the people you support. In particular, we would welcome your views and evidence on the following:

• What factors best explain the reported increases in homelessness and rough sleeping, both nationally and in your area? 
• Do Jobcentre Plus procedures and benefit delays play a role?
• What role does Universal Credit play in in relation to homelessness and rough sleeping. Could Universal Credit be changed to tackle rough sleeping and homelessness?
• Is our welfare safety net working to prevent people becoming homeless or rough sleeping? If not, how could it better do so?

How to respond

Please contact Chris Brill, Policy Manager at Homeless Link, by 5th December to contribute your views to our submission.