Positive approaches

Wednesday, 26 September 2018 - 4:16pm

An influx of innovation; understanding new approaches to support in the homelessness sector 

Homeless woman with hot drink

In recent years our well-established sector has seen an introduction of a number of innovative approaches to supporting people who are experiencing homelessness; Psychologically Informed Environments, Trauma Informed Care, Housing First and strengths-based working to name a few. These are all different types of positive approaches.

But how do these approaches compare with each other? Are they similar or different? Which one should you adopt, or should you adopt them all? It is sometimes difficult to tell between the different approaches and decide on which one is best to use with the people you support.

I bring good news. It’s not as complicated as it may seem. Read our briefing to find out why, how and what, is needed to adopt these approaches to improve service delivery. We’re also holding a webinar and offering a range of training courses for adopting positive approaches in your service.

Ultimately, it’s important that you don’t let confusion, or fear of making mistakes, prevent you from change. Think of the positive approaches as layers which can build on each other to ensure that each service become the best it can be. They all complement each other and there are many overlaps e.g. strengths-based practice is a key component of both Housing First and Trauma Informed Care and adopted in many psychologically informed services, either deliberately or (often) quite intuitively.

We are all learning together and as such, adopting these new approaches is a journey rather than a destination for all of us. Creating a culture of internal challenge and reflection to keep one another motivated and on track is vital. Learn from others and join in this wonderful revolution that is improving services everywhere.

Positive approaches

woman with hot drink

Explaining the different positive approaches to supporting people experiencing homelessness, what the differences are, and why they are important. 


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