Launch of the #EndHomelessnessNow election campaign

Friday, 8 November 2019 - 12:13pm

Homeless Link has come together with Crisis, St. Mungo’s, Shelter, Centrepoint and DePaul to launch the End Homelessness Now campaign.

Our demands are straightforward and achievable: every party should commit to ending all forms of homelessness, including delivering on the current government’s pledge to end rough sleeping within five years, as well as to implementing a plan to end homelessness within the first year of the new government.

For us, ending all forms of homelessness means committing to:

  • No one sleeping rough
  • No one living in transient or insecure accommodation
  • No one living in temporary forms of accommodation
  • No one homeless as a result of leaving a state institution, such as prison or the care system
  • Everyone at immediate risk of homelessness to get the help that prevents it happening.

This commitment can only be kept with a plan that addresses the underlying causes of homelessness. We are asking the new government to:

  • Increase the supply of, and access to, truly affordable housing for people who are at risk of, or who are currently experiencing homelessness
  • Increase the investment in welfare support to help prevent people becoming homeless in the first place
  • Provide greater support to non-UK nationals who are at risk of homelessness
  • Ensure that homelessness services are fully funded and fit for the future
  • Ensure a cross departmental approach to tackling homelessness.

Our members and stakeholders can take part in #EndHomelessness in a number of ways – going to or holding a local hustings or “Question Time” style event, tweeting at parliamentary candidates and quizzing your candidates on the doorstep using the downloadable door hanger which contains a list of questions for candidates.

Don’t forget to register to vote by 26th November if you need to, and to help those you support to do so, too. Our website contains six key lessons from our Your Vote Matters project, as well as resources to help you to encourage people you are working with to register to vote. We have also recorded a webinar on increasing voter registrations for people experiencing homelessness.

You can find out more about the campaign, download the resources and participate, by visiting

We are also encouraging our members to share their logos to feature on the campaign website as ‘sponsors’ of the campaign. If you have any questions about the campaign, or would like to become a sponsor please email with the subject line 'GE19 Supporter' and attach your organisation's logo.