Excellence Awards 2019 // St-Martins // Excellence in supporting people

Friday, 4 October 2019 - 10:28am

First in a series of films promoting the winners of this year's Excellence Awards, we have a film showcasing the amazing work at St Martins - Highwater House, the winner of the 'Excellence in supporting people' category at this year's awards.



Highwater House follows the ethos of a Psychologically Informed Environment and provides residential care to 22 people with a dual diagnosis. Examples of adapting include getting rid of negative signs that include ‘don’ts’ and ‘musts’ and removing key indicators of power imbalance such as lanyards and keys. The results have been amazing. There has been a significant reduction in unexpected incidents and the resulting use of emergency services and hospital admissions, and a vast increase in meaningful contact between staff and residents.