MPs call for action on housing welfare reforms

Thursday, 17 April 2014 - 11:44am

Published today, a Work and Pensions Committee report recognises the damage that reforms to housing support are causing to some of society’s most vulnerable individuals.

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Support for housing costs in the reformed welfare system, approved by committee members from all three major political parties, makes a number of recommendations to the Government to prevent those already facing financial hardship from being the unintended victims of the reforms.  

There has been mounting evidence that reductions in the amount of Housing Benefit individuals can receive have contributed to increased levels of homelessness, particularly in high demand areas like London.  

The recommendations from the Committee cover a number of issues on which Homeless Link has called for action throughout the past 12 months, and in oral evidence submitted to the committee earlier this year.

Commenting, Helen Mathie, Head of Policy for umbrella body Homeless Link, said:

“We welcome the findings' recognition that action must be taken to prevent welfare reforms causing further unintended damage. Instead of providing an important safety net to those struggling to meet housing costs, in many cases individuals’ situations are becoming even more precarious.

“The recommendations are based on evidence from those working directly with groups that have already been affected by the reforms, and we would urge the Government to implement these steps soon to prevent people being pushed any further into hardship.”

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