COVID-19 and Homelessness

Helping services in the homelessness sector respond during the pandemic. Please note that in some of these resources the content will reflect earlier stages of the pandemic and government restrictions in place at the time but they may still be useful 

Homeless Link is working to keep the homelessness sector informed about latest developments in relation to Covid-19.

Please see our collection of Resources below, along with material from our members.

We will broadcast Covid-19 & Homelessness webinars when new information and updates emerge. For current details and bookings please click here.

Between March and July we ran weekly webinars, you can watch again and find slides here


Homeless Link COVID-19 resources

Homelessness and COVID-19 sector resources

Resources to help homelessness charities develop their response and offer support to people during the current crisis. Bear in mind we are in an evolving situation and some resources on this page will go out of date. Check back regularly for updates. Practice may need to be adapted to your local context. Many thanks to the organisations that have shared their guidance here.