A day in the life of a Consultancy Manager

Sophie Price on day in the life of a Consultancy Manager at Homeless Link.

Every day is different. Sometimes a Member will contact me and say that they want to change their organisational approach and need guidance on where to start. A recent example of this was an organisation who sent their staff team to Homeless Link for Trauma Informed Care training, but felt that they needed more and they wanted to really embed this way of working in to their services. So I connected them with the right Associate for them and we developed a proposal collectively on how to achieve this.

A Homeless Link Associate is an experienced Consultant who works closely with me and will often have areas of specialism or backgrounds in research, commissioning or working at a senior level in the sector.  We often recommend a Needs Analysis as a first step for Members who are unsure about the level of consultancy that is needed, and it also helps to guide senior managers and Boards with a structured plan. This is an opportunity for our Members to access a small piece of Consultancy without having to spend lots of money.

I also work with Local Authorities and deliver a range of projects such as homelessness strategies, options appraisals or policy reviews. These tend to be longer pieces of work where I project manage and coordinate 2-3 Associates taking on different elements of the overall project.

We are sometimes asked to support team / board away days or to help an organisation create their vision and values. An recent example of this is when we facilitated an away day for a charity that had recruited a new CEO and wanted to bring the staff together to develop their vision for the next year. We also r worked with an organisation who were of becoming a Registered Provider and they wanted an external consultant to join their Board away day to present the pros and cons.

Because our Associates have different skills I can tailor the work to the customer and choose the perfect match according to their background. All of our Associates have a background in working in homelessness and supported housing, and many of them have been service managers or commissioners in the past. 

I think that our Members choose Homeless Link Consultancy because we are well connected in the sector and understand their needs and concerns more than a standard consultancy business would - our members can rely on our experience and trust us to provide a quality service. We are able to add the knowledge and resources that already exists within the other teams at Homeless Link, for example, our Policy and Research Team are up to date with relevant legislation and research, and our Innovation & Good Practice Team are regularly launching innovative programmes such as Housing First, Ending Women’s Homelessness and Youth Homelessness projects.

If you are thinking about Consultancy but you are unsure if your budget is too small or if Homeless Link can deliver it for you, I would advise calling me for an informal chat and I am sure we can help.

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Sophie Price

Consultancy Manager

"As the new Consultancy Manager, I will be coordinating a wide range of tailored support to the sector including research, evaluations and strategies. I also lead on The Enterprise Development Programme with the aim of building financial resilience through trading and enterprise."

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