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In the dynamic landscape of modern leadership, effective communication stands as the cornerstone of success. Join us for an insightful webinar, with guest speaker Julian Treasure, where we will look into the indispensable role communication plays within leadership roles.

Effective leadership is not solely about making strategic decisions or managing tasks; it's about inspiring, motivating, and guiding a team towards a common goal. Communication acts as the bridge that connects leaders with their teams, fostering a culture of trust, collaboration, and innovation.

Renowned for his expertise in the transformative power of intentional listening and impactful speaking, Julian Treasure is a leading authority in the fields of sound, communication, and personal development.

Who is this webinar for?

  • Managers of homelessness services or projects, Senior Leaders and CEO in the homelessness sector
  • Participants of the Leadership Support Programme, Established Leaders and Emerging Leaders.

There will be more information to follow closer to the time, if you have any questions regarding the webinar please email laura.millward@homelesslink.org.uk

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