Part I: Addressing health inequalities in response to Covid-19

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Wednesday, 24 February 2021
Online | 11am - 12pm | Free

The next in Homeless Link's Covid-19 webinar series on emerging healthcare issues, hear how the NHS and you can help address the health inequalities faced by those experiencing homelessness.


We know that people with no home are substantially more likely than even the most deprived housed people to report having chronic diseases.

We also know that some people with no home become old before their time and display high levels of frailty. The five key features of frailty amongst younger people with no home, are comparable to 89-year-olds in the general population. Research has also found that people with no home have an average of seven long-term health conditions, far higher than people in their 90s. 

And yet, very many people with no home will not be able to show that they are clinically extremely vulnerable and so if they are not registered with a GP,  may remain exposed to the danger of COVID.

With the continued high risk of infection in many parts of the country, this webinar, the next in Homeless Link’s Covid-19 series, will explore how we can address these health inequalities.

You will be able to hear from Dr Bola Owolabi, Director of Health Inequalities at NHS England and Improvement. Bola is leading the NHS action on tackling health inequalities as services respond to and recover from the Covid 19 Pandemic. She is spearheading the contribution the NHS makes to improve the wider determinants of health and supporting thriving communities. You will also be able to hear from Groundswell on what you can do as service providers to help address health inequalities faced by the individuals you are supporting who are experiencing homelessness.


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