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There is no escaping it – 2024 is nearly certainly election year. While the exact date remains a mystery, the major political parties are all on an election footing. This means influential leaders are in listening mode with their eye out for potential manifesto pledges. With the election looming, now is the ideal time for homelessness organisations to put effort into campaigning and influencing local leaders to ensure the needs of services, and most importantly the root causes of homelessness, are addressed by the next Government.

At Homeless Link we are committed to supporting our members to campaign effectively as we know this can lead to significant change locally and nationally. After widespread interest from our members, the Policy Influencing Network will return on 21st February 2024 to host our second general election session. During this meeting we will be joined by campaign manager Nye Jones who will share tips and tricks on how you can effectively campaign and influence change in your local area.

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Who should attend?

The network is welcoming to anyone working in a system change or policy influencing role with a focus on ending homelessness. This includes small organisations and those with limited previous experience in policy and influencing.

How long will meetings last?

Meetings will last for an hour and a half, with speakers followed by breakout discussions.

Where will meetings be held?

All meetings will be held on Zoom. Details will be distributed closer to the time.