Homelessness: an introduction

Thursday, 5 March 2020
Manchester | Earlybird discount available

Gain an understanding of the homelessness sector, what the Government are doing to prevent homelessness and how it affects those who are experiencing it.

At a glance

Course type: Essentials
Who should attend? Front line support workers, Managers, Volunteers and others

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This course will introduce you to the homelessness sector. It will help you to understand the structural and personal causes of homelessness and why some people find it difficult to return to settled living. You will learn about the ways the sector tries to help people who are experiencing homeless and the problems and issues that need to be overcome. Finally, you will have an insight into the tremendous talents that people who are homeless have and are able to use despite facing enormous adversity.

Who is this course for?

It is suitable for managers, frontline staff and volunteers who are new to the sector 

Course content

  • How and why people become homeless
  • Definitions of homelessness
  • Key aspects of Government policy on ending homelessness
  • Local authorities’ responsibilities in relation to people who are experiencing homelessness
  • The sector’s responses to ending and preventing homelessness
  • Current challenges to ending and preventing homelessness
  • The talent and skills that people experiencing homelessness possess.

Course outcomes

On completion of this course you will:

  • Understand the social and structural issues that give rise to homelessness
  • Understand why it is difficult for some people to return to settled living
  • Understand a range of statutory and voluntary sector responses to ending homelessness and have gained an understanding of why this task is difficult
  • Be able to identify the personal steps that you can take to deliver services or campaign for change.


St Thomas Centre, Ardwick Green North, Manchester, M12 6FZ