Transformational leadership programme

Wednesday, 4 November 2020

This series of online masterclasses are designed to support Chief Executives and emerging leaders to build strong, sustainable organisations to enable them to more effectively deliver their mission and support individuals experiencing homelessness.

How to become more diverse and inclusive
4 November | 10am - 12noon | Book your place

This masterclass will consider how you can recognise and remove barriers to ensure a more diverse, inclusive organisation.

Transformational business planning
23 November | 10am - 12noon | Book your place

This masterclass will look at how to radically change your organisation’s business plan to enable a significant shift in what you achieve and how. It will explore the course that one organisation took to change their focus and purpose and why.

Moving from a paternal to a collaborative leadership style
14 January | 10am - 12noon | Book your place

The Covid-19 pandemic has meant many charity CEOs have defaulted to more of a paternalistic management style, with decisions being made and then shared to enable the charity to adapt and respond quickly to the ever changing environment. This masterclass will take a look at the benefits of adopting a more collaborative leadership approach, and how to move to this style to allow you to combine the knowledge, experience and creativity of your whole team and share accountability for the decisions you make. This session will explore how to adopt this approach with an ever revolving daily picture, the challenges this might present but the ultimate advantages.

Managing risk and entrepreneurialism 
27 January | 2 - 4pm | Book your place

This event that Homeless Link is hosting for Chief Executives and Chairs of Trustees, will consider how a charity can create a culture of responsible risk-taking to enable greater entrepreneurial decision making.

At a time when there is less long-term funding available from local government, charities are being asked to think more creatively about how they fund their service to ensure longer-term financial stability. This event will consider how a charity’s leadership team can effectively manage risk to enable innovation and entrepreneurialism. It will consider how to make room for failure, the challenges that risk-taking places on a charity and how to manage this effectively through good governance.

We would encourage Chief Executives to attend with their Chairs.

Ensuring excellence in charity governance  
10 February | 2 - 4pm | Book your place

This session will explore how a charity’s leadership team and board of trustees can work effectively together to secure the long-term direction of the charity and ensure the charity is run in a way that is legal, responsible and effective. It will consider the role of the Chief Executive and the Chair and how to foster a strong relationship.