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Join us for a webinar about the Sessions and Actions feature within In-Form.

This session will explain the how you can record Sessions & Actions, and we will look at the different ways it can help your organisation to record multiple actions for multiple clients in a more efficient way. We will also look closely at the reports and dashboards available specificially for Sessions and Actions.

Who is the webinar for?

  • New customers
  • Essential and Enterprise customers who wish to know more about Sessions and Actions
  • New members of staff who are getting to know In-Form's features.

Who's our host?

Grant Gair, In-Form's Training Manager will be running this session.

What will you learn?

  • How to use the different types of sessions and actions (e.g. day centre, night shelter, drop in) to record the information in the most efficient way.
  • How to customise the different fields add clients to sessions, and record the different actions.




Tuesday 26th March, 2pm - 3pm.

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