Finding local solutions to non-UK national homelessness 

This project is led by Homeless Link with the support of project partners the No Accommodation Network (NACCOM) and funders the Lloyds Bank Foundation. 

homeless migrant woman

Running from April 2021 to May 2022, it aims to drive more inclusive local homelessness systems that are better able to find solutions for people with eligibility restrictions, including No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF), facing homelessness. 

The project will involve in-depth research and engagement with homelessness services and commissioners, community organisations and people with lived experience in 4 selected areas across England. Informed by good practice examples and challenges faced in these areas, it will develop a shared roadmap to a more inclusive, solution-oriented homelessness offer for people in this group. In addition, it will generate evidence and recommendations for local decisionmakers across the country and strengthen wider national efforts to tackle non-UK national homelessness. 

Currently, statutory provision for people with NRPF and other immigration-based eligibility restrictions is constrained by national legislation and the outbreak of Covid-19 shone a spotlight on the numbers of people living in destitution due to these policies. Despite these limitations, local innovation during the ongoing pandemic has shown that much can be achieved by services and commissioners even within the current legislative framework. The work will reflect new learning from Covid-19 emergency responses and build the case for national policy reform.  

Key aims of the project include: 

  • Drive improved commissioning of targeted support for people with immigration-based eligibility restrictions experiencing homelessness, including independent immigration advice and interventions informed by lived experience, in local areas we engage with.   
  • Increase the understanding, knowledge and skills of homelessness services to implement inclusive practices for non-UK nationals who are homeless.  
  • Facilitate improved ways of working between community support, homelessness services, lived experience groups and local authorities based on a shared understanding of local need and response.  
  • Generate evidence to strengthen the national movement against  non-UK national homelessness and to support wider efforts to drive change. 

For more information or to get involved, please contact the project lead Jennie Corbett



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