Going Beyond: series 1

A brand new podcast series starts with an explanation of the importance of relationships when supporting people experiencing homelessness.

Across five episodes, with the help of expert voices, the podcasts covers a range of topics; from how early trauma can impact people’s relationships and wellbeing, to innovative ways frontline workers and services can respond. In episode 1 we explore how relationship-based approaches can help homelessness services work more effectively with people who’ve experienced trauma. Listen below or download on Apple Podcast.

Episode 1: Introduction to positive approaches 


Episode 2: Building safe relationships part 1, featuring Dr Nick Maguire 


Episode 3: Building safe relationships part 2, featuring Dr Nick Maguire 


Episode 4: Understanding behaviour as a communication, featuring Nikoletta Theodorou 


Episode 5: Rebuilding control, featuring Amanda Croome 


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Lauren Page-Hammick

Youth homelessness lead

Lauren is a National Practice Homelessness Project Manager leading on our youth homelessness work.

Telephone: 07507055508
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