Hate Crime: briefing for homelessness services

What do homelessness services need to know about hate crime and how can they respond to protect their staff and clients?

The increase in reported incidents of hate crime in the UK following the EU Referendum in July 2016 has been dramatic. Incidents motivated by hostility towards individual characteristics such as race, religion, sexuality, disability or transgender identity can affect your staff or clients at any time.

There are a range of responses that services can undertake to help prevent cases of hate crime from happening. These range from increased dialogue around diversity related issues with clients, targeted staff training, effective partnership working with local special interest groups and generally making it easier for staff and clients to report incidents.

Who is this briefing for?

This briefing is for anyone working in homelessness services, from volunteers on the front line to senior management.

What does this cover?

This introductory briefing covers:

  • An introduction to hate crime in the UK
  • Definitions
  • Reporting hate crime
  • Response and prevention in your service
  • Further reading and resources

Hate Crime: briefing for homelessness services

This short briefing for homelessness services on hate crime covers key information regarding definitions, how to report incidents and resources for further reading.