Hostels and social networks

What can we learn about creating positive social networks for people living in hostels? 

Photograph: Hans Põldoja (Flickr)
Photograph: Hans Põldoja (Flickr)

Social isolation is a significant issue for people experiencing homelessness, as it can be hard to maintain and build relationships without a home. Living in hostels brings particular challenges, such as sharing communal facilities with strangers and often not being allowed any visitors – even your own children. Understanding these challenges and finding ways to support residents to develop positive social networks is an important element of good practice for hostel teams.

In 2015, Homeless Link supported Dr Caral Brown to deliver two workshops for hostel staff about the research findings. During these sessions we sought feedback from delegates about their experiences in supporting positive social networks.

This briefing outlines these good practice suggestions. 

Social networks in hostels

Practice briefing for frontline staff to help them promote positive social networks amongst their hostel clients.