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Added 25 March 2022

Mental health is an enduring support need for many people who experience homelessness. The relationship between homelessness and mental health can be complex, where one can be both the cause and result of the other.

These resources were developed in 2011-2012 as part of our Homelessness, Mental Health & Wellbeing Project.

Mental Health & Wellbeing Guide

A guide to providing successful support to people with mental health and wellbeing needs. Covers mental health policy and commissioning, understanding the relationship between homelessness, mental health and wellbeing, tools to develop the right support pathways, developing internal responses, and working with external partners.

Looking After Number 1

Looking after our wellbeing isn’t always easy, especially while homeless or living in temporary accommodation. These resources, developed with Dr Philip Timms from SLaM South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation, are designed to encourage people to improve and look after their own wellbeing and mental health by developing knowledge and accessing services. There are postcards and a poster to print and distribute around your service, and there’s a workshop guide to help you work one to one or in a group with staff or peer facilitators.

Top tips for working with statutory mental health agencies

Mental health services can be difficult to navigate and often present complex barriers for people who need support and the workers trying to help them to get it. This brief guide looks at the pathways into mental health services, the Mental Health Act, the importance of making appropriate referrals, improving your relationships with statutory services, and what to do when statutory support either isn’t working or isn’t available.