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Added 29 March 2022

How many people sleep rough each night? 

According to the latest Government figures, collected in the autumn of 2021 and published in February 2022, 2,440 people are estimated to be sleeping rough on a single night in autumn. Further information on the data collection methodology can be found here

Is rough sleeping on the rise? 

There was a decrease of 9% between 2020 and 2021. However, since 2010 (when these figures were first recorded) the rough sleeping figure has increased by 38%. This recent decrease is likely to reflect, at least in part, the many government interventions undertaken due to the COVID-19 pandemic, including many individuals who might otherwise be rough sleeping still being in emergency (i.e. Everyone In) accommodation. 

Where are people sleeping rough? 

45% of people sleeping rough were in London (640), where there was a 10% decrease since last year and a 52% increase since 2010. The remaining 1,800 were in the Rest of England, where there was a 9% decrease since last year and a 33% increase since 2010. 

The local authorities with the highest number of people sleeping rough were Westminster (187), where figures fell by 55 from last year but increased by 59 from 2010 and Camden (97), where figures increased by 55 from last year and by 86 from 2010.