Local elections 2021 - introduction

Local elections take place across England on Thursday 6 May 2021. Every adult in England will be voting in at least one election. 

Everyone in for good

There are elections to district and country councils, elections for Mayors and the election of Police and Crime Commissioners. In total 4648 people are expected to be elected. What they all have in common is at least some responsibility for housing and homelessness.  

Homeless Link is therefore asking members to engage with candidates in these elections, to encourage them to prioritise housing and homelessness and to sign our:  #EveryoneInForGood Pledge.  

We hope that as a result on 7th May there will be thousands of local government elected officials with a greater understanding of homelessness who are ready to make a change! 

The Pledge 

Our pledge is that dealing with homelessness and housing should be a priority for all of local government. You can download our pledge document here and send it to candidates in your local area, asking them to sign up.  

What you can do 

Homeless Link is asking our members to engage with candidates in the local elections on 2021. You can ask them whether they will sign our pledge and take a selfie. You can write to the local paper to highlight homelessness or you can organise a hustings meeting. 

Register to vote 

It is possible to register to vote even without a permanent address. For details, please see our guest blog from the Electoral Commission that explains how to achieve this. The deadline for this election is April 19th. This year more than any you might choose to have a postal vote which you can arrange up to April 20. 

For details on how to register please see our guest blog from Susan Crown, Head of Campaigns and Corporate Identity at the Electoral Commission


Talk To Us

Rob Cartridge

Head of Communications and Advocacy

Rob Cartridge is a Campaigns and Communications Manager at Homeless Link.