London Day Centre’s Community of Practice - Women in Day Centres: A Space of Safety

Thursday, 24 September 2020
Online | 13:30 – 15:30

The London Day Centre’s Community of Practice is open to staff from London day Centres and those from affiliated services such as homeless health workers, probation, the police, the DWP, Social Enterprises, work and learning support projects and mental health services.

Homeless Link Communities of Practice are designed to bring together people working on the frontline of homelessness and related fields within local areas. The aim is to create a safe and informal space in which attendees can share knowledge and good practice, discuss local issues and explore how best to collaboratively overcome them.

Our CoP’s are open to paid and unpaid workers and to people with lived experience of homelessness.

We frequently refer to the lives of women experiencing homelessness in Communities of Practice so have decided to dedicate this event to exploring how we support women:

  • What works and what should we avoid
  • What do experts in the field have to say
  • What knowledge and experience to we have in the room.  

For this session, we will have a presentation from The Marylebone Centre (part of The Marylebone Project ) which provides a specialist Day Centre for homeless women, including refugees and asylum seekers.

We will also have time for a Q&A session

The event will explore:
• What should we consider when working with women experiencing homelessness?
• Do women have different needs to men experiencing homelessness?
• How can we make what are often male dominated environments, both safe and affirmative of women's experiences?
• How has COVID 19 affected the delivery of support to women who use Day Centre services?

We will facilitate a space for participants to reflect upon and share their learning, highlight good practice and positive outcomes.

We facilitate events using a Solution Focused Practice approach so that problems are acknowledged but not dwelt on; instead, we look at building on existing resources and skills to work towards a shared, preferred future – as well as expanding knowledge where required. As this is an online event, the format will vary however, we will endeavour to leave you feeling positive, hopeful and better connected to the bigger picture.

If you have any queries please contact Greg by email or call 07956396193

To register please follow the Zoom link here.

Once you have registered I will also send you a calendar invite.

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Greg Headley

Partnership Manager (London & South)

Greg works as Homeless Link's Partnership Manager in London and the South.