London Outreach Workers Community of Practice

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Tuesday, 15 June 2021
Online 1pm - 3pm

Motivations for Change; conflicting priorities, chaotic lives and complex needs - can be an accurate description for the lives of many people we support. How do we motivate someone with to take on opportunities and the steps needed for change? Join our discussion.

London Outreach Workers! You are very welcome to join us and share your experiences, your challenges, good practice and meet with peers across London.

We all face similar situations and as a collective we have so much knowledge and expertise. Let’s combine it to find solutions that will make our work instantly more effective, release some of the pressures we experience and support our communities better.

How do we motivate people? Do you have any techniques to share with your peers? What works well for you? What is your biggest challenge? Let’s get together an explore solutions.



A Community of Practice (CoP) brings together those with common interests and goals to collaboratively find solutions to the issues faced by frontline staff when supporting those experiencing homelessness and associated needs.

Through our CoPs we aim to:

  • Facilitate knowledge sharing and social learning between frontline workers
  • Provide a safe venue for people to listen, reflect and receive feedback
  • Allow people to hear about new evidence, learning and practice
  • Try out small changes that encourage innovation


Communities of Practice work by bringing together the considerable expertise and knowledge drawn from your daily experience in delivering your role. Through these we identify challenges, solutions and ensure that the knowledge is shared widely.


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