Managing Accommodation

Meeting your responsibilities as a manager of building-based services

People experiencing homelessness should be able to access high quality, safe services.

As a manager of accommodation or other building-based services, you have responsibilities under a range of legislation, including Housing Law, Health & Safety and Fire Safety.

Our guidance provides a summary of these responsibilities - you may need to seek further expert support or training, or to review your organisational policies and procedures, in order to comply with these duties.

For enquiries about specialist support please see:

Housing Management Checklist

Summary of the responsibilities of building-based managers, with links to relevant legislation and resources.


Tenure in Training Flats briefing

Person in supported accommodation

Training flats play an important role in assisting vulnerable people to experience living more independently, while still receiving support and assistance. Using the correct occupancy agreement is critical for housing providers, both in ensuring they operate within the housing law framework, and enabling  an effective learning experience for the resident.


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