The Manchester Homelessness Partnership

Sharing the learning from Manchester's co-produced, grassroots response to homelessness 

The Manchester Homelessness Partnership is a collaboration between people with experience of homelessness and the statutory, private, and third sectors - harnessing the resources of an entire community to respond to homelessness. 

The power of a grassroots initiative is that it can be led by anyone. Whether you are a person experiencing homelessness, support worker at a charity, commissioner at a Local Authority, leader in a faith organisation or interested member of the public, we hope that this guidance will provide ideas and principles to help and inspire you. 

Homeless Link thanks everyone involved in the Partnership for their contributions to this toolkit. 

Manchester Homelessness Partnership Toolkit

This guidance is for anyone interested in establishing a grassroots partnership to address homelessness in their local area. It introduces the model, approach, and values of the Manchester Homelessness Partnership, with key learning to help other organisations apply these lessons locally.