Expert advisory panel and Regional Champions network

Informing Homeless Link's policy and practice with direct experience of homelessness.

Who are we?

The Expert Advisory Panel is a group of approximately 15 men and women who have been supported by Homeless Link's London based members. Coming from a variety of backgrounds, we discuss and inform much of Homeless Link policy and good practice work.

The Regional Champions network was an idea first floated by Panel members, with the aim of providing a platform for people supported by Homeless Link members outside London. Launched in 2013 there are currently Champions groups in the South East (Porchlight and Brighton Housing Trust), West Midlands (St Basil's National Youth Reference Group and Experts by Experience) and in the North West (The Limes). We will have members in all the English Regions by the end of 2014.

Past achievements

The Panel has hosted visits from the DCLG, Greater London Authority (GLA), DWP and other decision-makers, and have been invited to share their views on a range of proposals and initiatives.

  • Campaigned to protect funding for homelessness service providers, corresponding with the Housing Minister and meeting with Roger Wilshaw and other senior DCLG staff.
  • Provided a key influence in asking Homeless Link to recruit new trustees with lived experience of homelessness.
  • Shared experience of sanctions which fed into our High Cost to Pay report, used to highlight the impact of sanctions on people experiencing homelessness.
  • Referenced and quoted throughout DCLG's Making Every Contact Count.

When do we meet and who comes?

The Panel meets every two months and members are regularly involved in other Homeless Link projects and events.

Join us

If you have personal experience of homelessness and would like to learn more about the work of the Expert Advisory Panel and Regional Champions network, please get in touch with Chris Brill.